Application Details

Leather Clean

Set nozzle to spray and shake gently before use. For excessively dusty surfaces wipe over with a damp cloth first. Apply to leather and wipe over evenly with a soft cloth, this will remove day to day dust and light soiling. If using on furniture pay particular attention to the contact areas (arms, seat and back cushions). Rinse your cloth in clean water as it becomes soiled.
Apply every two/six weeks depending on leather colour and type.

Leather Protect

Use after cleaning, set nozzle to spray and shake gently before use. Apply lightly to an area, wipe over evenly with a soft cloth ensuring that no section is missed. Continue over the entire item an area at a time. Allow to dry naturally.
Excessive coating is not required and may lead to drying problems and stickiness. If the leather is very sensitive or dry (indicated by very fast absorption or darkening) treat once and allow to dry then apply a second coat.
Apply four times per year particularly to contact areas, sensitive and pale coloured leathers may benefit from more frequent applications.

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